The New Finish Quantum TV advert

Sooooo…. here it is finally. My first ever TV appearance for the New Finish Quantum ad. I am not going to ramble on, but instead let the video speak for itself. 

It goes on air tomorrow morning at 8.45am on ITV during the Lorraine breakfast programme, and although I’m a bit nervous at how the reactions are going to be, I cant help being all diva-like and excited about it.

Over the next couple of weeks Danny and I will be sharing some exciting tips on the Finish Facebook page, along with some cool competitions and such so don’t forget to like the page and join in on all the fun.

Thanks a bunch for all your support, and yes, please do let me know your honest opinions. Hope you like the ad (and will switch and see the difference) 😉



PS: Camera adds 10 pounds, so it’s technically not my fault that I look all chubby and well fed 🙂

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