Puff Pastry Hazelnut Chocolate Flowers

 See how you can transform few simple ingredients into cute puff pastry flowers filled with creamy chocolate and crushed hazelnuts

Here is a sweet recipe idea for you to keep in mind when deciding what to bring to create this holiday season.

These puff pastry and chocolate flowers are a great way to sweeten up and decorate your table. They will leave everyone in awe by how pretty, and delicious they are. And so quick to make, thanks to Pepperidge Farm frozen puff pastry. It’s super easy to use, and bakes perfectly every single time. 

So get ready for all the “oohs” and “aahs”. And especially the “mmms”… those are always my favorite!

Today’s recipe is everything you love about flaky puff pastry, creamy chocolate and crushed hazelnuts served up in an adorable flower shape. 

With only few ordinary ingredients you can now whip up an extraordinary dessert. So inviting that you won’t be able to turn it down. Even when you eat too much turkey and stuffing and feel like your clothes are getting snug, you still will be begging for one. 

Now, let’s discuss how this dessert came to life. I’ve got one word for you: playdough.  
I was playing around with my kids’ playdough, inspired by those chocolate brioche stars that you’ve probably seen all over internet. 
Here is my ingenious idea. It requires some mildly skillful cutting and some careful twisting. And Pepperdige Farm puff pastry of course… not playdough! 
I guess all those hours spent with my sister  many years ago creating pretend food with colorful dough finally pays off 🙂

Recipe first published in October 2016.

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