My Kitchen Antics: Sponsored video: #GETSQUASHD with Robinsons

I loved the movie Gravity. Well loved it mostly because of George Clooney and after they killed him off (sorry for the spoiler, but I presume most of you would have seen the movie by now)..which was after the first half hour or so, I kinda lost interest. I still sat through the movie, but wishing Mr Clooney would miraculously appear. The movie went on to win 7 Oscars including Best Visual Effects… which brings me to the #GETSQUASHD campaign by Robinsons (yes, the squash people). These sachets of squash are small enough to fit in your pocket but is strong enough to make quite a few glasses of drinks. I’m definitely going to try it out, especially the apple flavour.

Robinsons decided to take things to a different level by challenging the Oscar winning VFX team behind Gravity to GET SQUASHD in zero gravity. Do they succeed in doing so? Well, you will just have to watch the video and find out for yourself. 

The best part however is that you could take on the challenge to GETSQUASHD as well. All you need to do is put a Robinsons SQUASH’D in your pocket, get out there and #GETSQUASHD and send over the proof. You could be the lucky one to win a GoPro Hero 3.

Check out the other entries and upload your own #GETSQUASHD video on their website

This is a sponsored post for Robinsons

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