My Kitchen Antics: Mutton rogan josh

I have one mutton recipe on the blog. One!!!
That clearly depicts my aversion to lamb, mutton and goat. And i still don’t know the difference between the three.

There is a huge Asda near work and on one of those days I was so tired to go back home and cook (it happens a lot btw!), i walked in there to see if i can pick up some marinated meat to grill or something, and i chanced upon their butcher section that housed a whole lot of marinated meat and fish and also a pack of mutton mix, among other interesting stuff. I was in two minds about the mutton, but I was so bored with the usual chicken, beef and pork, that I thought I should do this for the husband, if not for anything else.


So I went home armed with a pack of mutton and a head full of ideas on what to do with it. Of course it never made to the table that day but it did the next day as a spicy mutton pepper fry. It was delicious and it surprised me- that i actually enjoyed it. So that was the beginning of my affair with mutton and i learnt that i can handle mutton but not lamb. I’ve made plenty of dishes with the mutton mix hence and its a pity i don’t get it anywhere other than in big Asda’s.

This rogan josh (translation- red/hot oil and as you can see from the pictures, there is an oil layer on top) turned out so darn good, i had to take some pictures, even if hastily, because i do plan on making it again. I thought it was a dish hard to make, after seeing the list of ingredients, but its not and it needs very little preparation. No onions, no tomatoes, so sauteeing till golden brown etc, just charring the meat and then slow cooking it together till done. Of course, the slow cooking takes time, and that makes a difference, but we have the pressure cooker for those days you don’t have the luxury of slow cooking.

This recipe, after reading the comments, came across as quite authentic and I’m so glad i tried it, its fab. Do give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Recipe adapted from here (Serves 3)


Mutton- 500 gms, cut onto medium size pieces


Ground cinnamon- 1/4 tsp

Ground cardamom- 1/2 tsp

Ground cloves- 1/4 tsp

Ground peppercorns- 1/4 tsp

Ground fennel seeds- 1/4 tsp

Kashmiri chilli powder- 1/4 tsp

Oil- 1/4 cup

Cinnamon- 1/2 inch stick

Cardamom- 5 pods

Cloves- 4

Peppercorns- 1/2 tsp

Fennel seeds- 1/2 tsp

Asafoetida- 1/2 tsp

Dried ginger powder- 3/4th tsp

Kashmiri chilli powder- 3/4th tbsp

Yoghurt- 1 cup

Salt- to taste


Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade and rub on to the meat. Keep aside for half an hour or so.

Heat oil in a deep, heavy bottomed pan and throw in the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, peppercorns and fennel seeds.

To that add the marinated meat and cook on medium heat, stirring continuously, till brown.

Stir in the asafoetida, dried ginger powder, Kashmiri chilli powder and salt and mix it all in with the meat.

Reduce the heat to low and add the yoghurt, mixing it well to coat the meat.

Cover the pan and cook till the meat is tender and the oil separates on the surface. 

I cooked it for 1 hour and it was perfect. You will need to keep stirring and adding some water on and off, to prevent the sauce from sticking to the base of the pan. 

Serve hot with rice or rotis.


Notes: Of course, if you are not a fan of slow cooking then add everything as mentioned, in a pressure cooker, and cook the meat for about 4 whistles on medium heat. I bet it wouldn’t taste as gorgeous as the slow cooked one though 🙂
You can use goat meat as well, but I’m not sure how lamb would turn out for this recipe. Worth giving it a shot.

Replace the mutton with beef for a beef rogan josh.

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