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She loves to cook, and this is an easy recipe for her to make by herself. Kids are not the only ones who love Pizza Nibblers. It tastes like a fresh

Iddlis with Sambhar and iddli Podi or dry chutney which is eaten with ghee or oil drizzled on it . One of the best food to eat . Light and steamed . Ideal for any meal, tiffin, travelling , parties…cocktail iddlis , add any veggies to make them interesting and colorful . Very easy to make if your batter is fermented well and the proportion of rice and urad dal is right. I have started using iddli rava …which is easily availbale in South . And it makes the iddlies softer and fluffier as when compared to the rice iddlies.

Recipe of Iddlies


2 cup iddli Rava 

1 cup of urad dal

1 cup of flat rice or Pohe 

Wash and soak Rava  , dal and Pohe seperately . For min 6-8 hrs  in enough water .

Remove water from the iddli rava . Keep it aside

Grind the dal with little water to a smooth paste . Add the pohe and grind it to a smooth paste.
Remove . Add in a big container. Mix well with a ladel . Add 1/2 teasp salt . Mix well. 
Cover and keep overnight in a warm place to ferment.

In the morning . It will be double or triple in quantity . Mix it well again. 

Oil the iddli moulds lightly . Add some grated carrots or raisins and fried cashews first . 

Then add a ladel full . 

Heat water in the iddli maker. Keep the mould in it. Close the lid and once it starts whistling ..the iddli cooker , put on sim and steam for 15 mts. 

Remove carefully the mould , it will by hot , use a kitchen towel 

Remove iddlis gently with a sharp knife or or a big spoon . 

Enjoy with sambhar and podi.

Pictures….batter ready .

Mix it with a ladel 

Oil the iddli mould

Pour the batter


Ready iddlis . 



Yellow Arhur dal or tuvar dal …1 katori

Mixed vegetables ..carrot, beans, brinjal, palak, potatoe  drumsticks, onions and tomatoes …about 1 1/2 cups. 

Tamarind ..2 tbsp . Soaked and pulp removed . 

MTR Sambhar powder ..3-4 tbsp 

Tadka …
Curry leaves
Rai . 

Method ..

Soak dal for 1 hr or more . 

Boil with enough water , salt and 1/2 teasp turmeric or Huldi .

Remove . Add all cleaned chopped vegetables . Add water if required

Give one whistle. Remove from fire .   Add Tamarind pulp .  Give one boil .

Add sambhar powder , keep stirring , make sure there are no lumps of the powder. This will thicken the Sambhar too . Add water if required. 

Give one or two boil . Switch off gas 

Tadka ..

Heat oil, add pinch of heeng , mustard and curry leaves . Pour it over the Sambhar. 

Add chopped coriander .


This is the arhur dal with huldi and salt ..ready to be boiled. 


Veggies ready . 

Dal boiled . 

Add veggies .

Tamarind soaked .

Veggies cooked . Tamarind pulp added. 

The MTR Sambhar Powder. 

Adding the Sambhar powder . 

The tempering or tadka 

Sambhar ready . 

Iddli Podi 



Dhania or coriander seeds ..6 tbsp

Cumin or jeera…2 tbsp

Curry leaves ..2 tbsp

Dry red chillies 2-3  or more 

Garlic 2 cloves

Chana dal 4 tbsp

Urad dal 4  tbsp

Tamarind ..size of a lemon seedless


Oil 2-3 tbsp for frying 


The ingredients lightly fried and ready

One year old curry leaves plant with seeds . 

Wash and dry curry leaves .

Heat a tbsp of oil , keep gas at sim and fry urad dal till it emits aroma . Same manner do the chana dal. 

Remove them after roasting seperately .

Roast everything . Do not burn . Do at sim flame . Salt to be added while grinding. 

Make sure there is little oil all this while . 

Add curry leaves , roast till dry and brown . 

Switch off gas …add tamarind . Leave it in the hot pan for a mt . 

Grind everything.  Adding salt to a rough powder. 

Store and keep. Enjoy with little oil or ghee with iddli , dosa or even rice. 


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