Ground coconut chutney (for idli and dosa)


All my ground coconut woes have been sorted, thanks to the Philips mixer i got back from India this time, much to Ro’s protests. I regret not having bought one earlier and suffering the last 9 years with all sorts of blenders from here where it would not grind the coconut to a smooth paste, and i used to hate having small bits floating around my curries. So those contemplating, just don’t think twice, do yourself a favour and buy it.

Serves 3 (as a side to idli or dosa)

Desiccated coconut- 1 cup

Onion- 1 tbsp, roughly chopped

Dried red chilli- 1

Kashmiri chilli powder- 1 tsp

Ginger- 1 tsp, peeled and roughly chopped

Salt- to taste

To temper

Coconut oil- 1/2 tbsp

Mustard seeds- 1/4 tsp

Urad dal- 1/2 tsp

Dried red chilli- 1, broken in half

Curry leaves- 5 to 6 leaves

Onion- 1 heaped tbsp, finely chopped

Into a mixer bowl add the coconut, onion, dried red chilli, chilli powder and ginger.

(Add enough water to just cover the coconut. Please don’t add a lot of water, as this would make the chutney too watery. That said, if the water is too less then that wont grind the coconut well enough. However, if in doubt, start with smaller quantities of water and then add more if required)

Grind everything together to a smooth paste.

Pour into a serving bowl and keep aside.

In a deep pan or kadai, heat the coconut oil and add the mustard seeds.

Once they start to splutter add the urad dal and stir till it begins to brown a wee bit. Take care not to burn it.

Throw in the dried red chilli and curry leaves followed by chopped onions.

Fry till the onions have turned a golden brown.

Immediately pour over the ground coconut mix and  it would sizzle a bit.

Stir the tadka into the coconut chutney and serve with idli or dosa.

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