Fairtrade and the ‘Finding Hannah’ competition

Ro and I are hardcore coffee drinkers..well me more than him. I NEED my cup of coffee first thing in the morning and its not funny how grumpy I get when I haven’t got my caffeine kick.

Talking about coffee, I’m sure you have noticed the Fairtrade stamp on a lot of the coffee packs. I buy my coffee from  a local supermarket and I’m proud to say that, although not intentional, the coffee I buy is Fairtrade. The Fairtrade Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims at helping producers in developing countries to enjoy better trading conditions. Their main focus is to tackle poverty and help farmers and workers attain a sustainable price for the products they sell, thereby improving their quality of life and securing their futures. The Fairtrade mark on products mean they comply to the rules and regulations as per Fairtrade standards, and so the next time you are out shopping for coffee, cocoa, sugar etc, make sure you look out for the Fairtrade stamp and support them.
The Finding Hannah campaign aims at creating awareness about fair trading to the general masses. The first episode shows comedian Tony Law roaming around a supermarket trying to talk to shoppers about what Fairtrade means. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he finally gets ‘actor’ Hannah (who is a Fairtrade novice) to play the part and sets off with her to show her what choosing Fairtrade coffee really means. Watch the second episode from the series to see what they are up to now.

And before you log off, don’t forget to enter the “Finding Hannah” competition wherein you have to guess which location Hannah was whisked off to, and if you’re lucky, you’ll win a trip there for two. Watch the episodes carefully and you’ll be able to gather some hints and clues. Good luck!

This is a sponsored post for Fairtrade Foundation, but all thoughts are my own

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