Hutama Kitchen

She loves to cook, and this is an easy recipe for her to make by herself. Kids are not the only ones who love Pizza Nibblers. It tastes like a fresh

Smokey Baked Chicken Wings

Some people are spouting on and on about “New Year, New You!” I’m eating chicken wings. And French fries. French fries that I deep fried myself. (But we’ll talk about those another day) Sure, I could spend January lecturing you all about “eating healthy!” and…

CTB 2014 – Giada’s Family Dinners

We officially moved into our new house two months ago. It is only now that I’ve started cooking dinner. It’s been a combination of laziness (after hours of renovating, take-out is awfully convenient) and kitchen inaccessibility (I literally couldn’t get into my kitchen). What did…

CTB 2014 – Fat Witch Brownies

I’m sorry, I made you two desserts in a row! Last Thursday was a fruity and summery cobbler. Today you get brownies. Brownies that are filled with cream cheese and hazelnuts. That’s right. Cream cheese and¬†hazelnuts. I’m absolutely terrible. So what if we are all…

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