Bespoke Indian inspired cakes from ChinsKitchen


Last week I was invited to an afternoon tea at Chintals cosy home to celebrate the launch of her venture- Indian inspired cakes. I met Chintal briefly at an event last summer and exchanged a few words, but it was at our blogger catch up last month that i was finally able to sit down and hear all about her Indian inspired cakes and soon after got an invite to her launch party.


From the images you can make out how professionally decorated and creative the cakes are. Needless to say, they were all delicious and if it wasn’t for a sugar high (and a heavy lunch), I would have eaten 2 slices of each at least. Other than the fact that she transforms traditional Indian desserts into cakes, what I noticed was that they were not ridiculously sweet and were not layered- which means you actually get to taste the cake and the flavours attached, and not get thrown off by the sweet frosted layers in between, that cakes today are notorious for. She also uses the freshest of ingredients for her cakes and also do eggless versions of some of the flavours. And what a pleasure it was seeing cakes that were not garishly fondant decorated, but beautifully butter creamed and ganached with generous sprinklings of nuts and spices.


From the cakes she displayed, my favourite was the show stopper- a handsome Indian spiced carrot cake with salted caramel. It was moist, spiced adequately, and the salted caramel was just the perfect icing on the cake (pun intended). Second of course was the coconut, orange and pistachio cake which I thought was a brilliant combination of flavours. She also does nice nankhatais, Indian shortbread, that my husband exclaimed were more delicious than the shortbread cookies he had from Harrods (which according to him were the bestest!)

Chintal has more details about the flavours and ordering details on her website, and the next time you have a party, like say Diwali for instance, please don’t be boring and buy kaju burfi, instead order her cardamom, rose and pistachio cake and woo your guests.

Thank you Chintal for having me over to your gathering. I absolutely look forward to tasting more of your fabulous cakes.

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