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She loves to cook, and this is an easy recipe for her to make by herself. Kids are not the only ones who love Pizza Nibblers. It tastes like a fresh

Appams are lacy soft hoppers also called Pallappams ! Popular breakfast recipe from gods own country..Kerala! Stayed for one year in Trivandrum when my husband was posted there! Bought  my Appam Chaati from kerala…the pan in which Appams are made! Had usually with veg or nonveg stew cooked in coconut milk! Delicious , soft , melt in your mouth …Appams!

Ingredients for Appams🌴
Raw rice …1 cup
Grated coconut..1/2 cup
Rest half milk to be extracted and used later on add only half a cup water to get thick milk.
Cooked rice..1/2 cup
1/2 cup of the cooked rice water..conjee
Yeast dry..1/2 teasp
Sugar 1 teaspoon for yeast and 2 teaspoon for the batter
Salt 1/2 teasp
Appam chaati…little curved and shallow kadai type of nonstick pan with lid.

Method 🌴
Wash and soak rice for 5 to 6 hrs. I soaked it at 1 in the noon, to grind it in the evening for breakfast next day.
Take 4 tbsp luke warm water, add sugar, mix, add yeast! Let it rise.
Drain water from rice, add in the blender, along with half coconut, cooked rice,and blitz it well! Add conjee, to make a smooth paste! It should be like iddli batter.
Remove in a big bowl, add the fermented yeast.
Mix well. Add salt. Mix well. Cover and keep overnight in a warm place to ferment.
Next morning add two teaspoon ofsugar to it and coconut milk. 
Mix well, with a ladel. Cover and keep ready for use.
Heat the Appam Chaati well on high heat.
Take aladelfull ofthe mixture, pour it into this, pickit up and rotate and swirl  it twice, so that it forms a layer all around, like one does with caramel sugar while makeing caramel custard, to coat the base! 
The center remains thickish and the sides thin! That is how it should be.
Cover and cook it, 
Once the center is cooked, touch with finger it should not be sticky, and sides r crisp and brown. Its ready. Remove. 
Enjoy them with a veg stew or chicken stew! 🌴
If the appam sticks to the pan, add a drop of oil and clean it with a piece of cloth. 🌴
Recipe for the veg and chicken stew🌴

Veg stew🌴

Carrot 1 cubed
Potato 1 cubed
Onion.1 sliced
Cauliflower florets 1/2 cup
Peas 1/2 cup
Tomato 1 chopped
Green chillies 3
Wholeblack pepper..1 teasp
Ginger 1/2 teasp grated
Cinnamon 1 piece
Cardamom black.2
Cardamom small..2
Bay leaf 1
Curry leaves
Milk of 1 coconut.
Heat oil, add the dry condiments, let them splutter, add onion and ginger, cook for 5 mts.
Add chopped vegetables, mix them well.
Add curry leaves, chillies.
Give one whistle in pressure cooker
Remove the pressure at once.
Add coconut milk, cook to a gentle boil, add salt. 
Garnish with fresh coriander.
Chicken stew🌴
Chicken pieces to be added in lieu of Veg, cook it well. Add coconut milk.
Cook. And enjoy.
Goes very well with Appams


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